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Hi! My name is Maggie Bryan, and I’ve been having a blast on this blog for about five years now. It’s gone through multiple phases and name changes and abandonment…but my goal has always been to glorify God through the three things I love most: Poetry, Photography, and Music. I’m nineteen now, and in the process of being trained to be an opera singer, so I’m trying to move the content of the Nightingale more towards my passion–music. But don’t worry! The poetry and photography–and even the hairstyles–will never go away! I’ve loved it for a long time now, and I hope you have too!

Lots of love!


P.S. In case you are confused–which most likely you will be if you aren’t already–most of my posts still have my pen name, Elizabeth Baillie, on them. Don’t worry–it’s still me!! ❤


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Soul's Mirror

Did you like this poem? Please let me know! I really need more feedback–be it good or bad. 🙂