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The Death of a Pet

I once had a pet lizard called Legolas Greenleaf.  He died a little over a year ago. Legolas was just an ordinary Green Anole like the ones you can find every day around your house in the South, in fact, he was far uglier than the usual specimens.  So me, however, he was more beautiful than them all, because I loved him, and he came to me right at the time when I needed something to love.

The day I got him was quite ordinary, as extraordinary days usually are…I think I was in my room reading a book.  Suddenly my younger brother busted into the room saying “Elizabeth!  Samantha (our cat) dug up a lizard!  Do you want to rescue it?”  Of course, I got up and followed him in a hurry; I loved rescuing animals.  It was mid-October, and rather chilly, so Legolas had been in hibernation.  Sometimes (as I later found out) cats will sniff them out and dig them up to eat them…which is what Samantha (who I love in all other respects) had done.  Poor Legolas was quite scratched up, freezing cold, and completely dazed, so he made no effort to escape as I picked him up and carried him inside.

I cleaned his cuts up with hydrogen peroxide on a Q-tip for the next few weeks, fed him, and put him in my best terrarium.  In just a few months he became my favourite pet.

Throughout his life Legolas proved himself to be one of the most patient creatures in existence.  He had to live with a variety of irritating frogs, who, I discovered, had an insolent habit of occasionally sitting on his back (don’t ask why…), and sometimes even other male lizards (it was stupid for me to put them together; don’t do it!  It’s a miracle they didn’t kill each other!).

The last year of his life, though, Legolas lived alone in a tiny travel carrier, travelling all over the world with me.  One day, I ran out of crickets for him, and he really needed to eat.  It was then that I taught him to do the coolest thing; I would take him out on my hand (there was no need to restrain him; he wouldn’t try to escape), and put him up next to a bug, and he would eat it!  From that day on I never had to purchase crickets again!

The most special thing about Legolas, though, was that he was mine.  Mine to train, mine to love, mine to care for.  It was a big responsibility, certainly, but it was so worth it.  I learned so much from him, just by observing him I came to know so much about reptiles.  It helped me through tough times to, because instead of worrying so much about myself, I had him to look after.

Legolas died happily, of old age, and is buried in the woods beside a beautiful pond.  I miss him, but I am glad God gave me the time I had with him.  The Lord’s creation is truly amazing!


Legolas Greenleaf

Legolas hanging upside down (:
My lizard has crazy habits…

Family 022 (1 of 1)

As I draw near to the end of this tale;

as I read back on all the times I did try, yet fail,

and I all the days I did smile, and my heart grew steady, and hale,

I see how the hand of the Lord moves,

I see how his wonderful plan goes,

and it is a great lesson of trust in a time of need.

He is ever swift to listen and to hear;

He is ever speedy to answer the prayer,

and I realize that all through these tearful pages,

still my Lord was near.

Sometimes when things seem hopeless,

they are really a herald of hope,

for our Lord doesn’t simply help us cope,

but He gives us triumph over fear.

So with every tear you shed,

and every longing prayer whispered quietly in bed,

remember that the Lord is near;

He hears and knows your every fear,

He sees ever word you write,

and every repentant cry in the night.

Even the king’s heart is as water in His hand,

He knows the names of the stars,

and the numbers of the sand.

He knows the days ahead,

He sees the days behind,

so let your own words always you remind,

our Lord doth love, our Lord doth hear,

and the Lord ever in our hearts and our homes,

is near.




The End of A Diary: A Poem

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The Sea Battle: A Poem

Up I blow, in I go,
I rule the seas with my bulk,
on my sides I bear many scars;
painful trophies of battle won,
I defend my own.
Deep, deep I dive down fast,
jaws snap, tail thrash,
I meet my life-long foe,
the giant squid of great renown,
his tentacles are his crown and pride.
He whips, I snap,
claw tears, eye flairs,
tail beats, eyes meet.
Our battles are rare,
witness if you dare,
each other’s flesh we pierce.



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I See God Everywhere: My Favourite Works

I feel Your power in the wind,

I hear Your voice in the rain,

and it is enough to make tremble Satan’s bane.

I see Your might in the river,

I breath Your love in the air,

I can see you and your goodness everywhere.

~I See God Everywhere

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