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Of Middle Earth // Download my poetry collection for free!

Hi Everyone!

Just popping my head in to say hey! and also– I just found, whilst digging through my computer files, a poetry collection that I put together awhile ago, called ‘Of Middle-Earth’. It is a collection of all the poems I’ve written based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s wonderful books, and most of the poems I wrote probably four or five years ago, but I still think they’re not too bad, haha! So I wanted to share them with you, and see what you think. Please be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes—was e’er there a sweeter sound?
Its gentle mastery can through my soul resound.
Moon or Sun—a conductor each,
The quiet wind gives silver speech,
Crickets make a chorus fair,
Or gentle birds in springtime air.
All of these charitable contrive,
To saturate my soul—make it alive,
With sweetest melodies to make,
My laughter again awake.

Elizabeth Baillie

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Farewell to Dying Gold

Farewell to Dying Gold
She woke suddenly,
dew baptized her brow.
Where was the blood—
what had happened now?
Amethyst replaced red
as heather, her feather bed,
and diamonds gave place to leaves.
A forest cathedral the castle’s place took,
she gazed about
thinking her eyes mistook.
Liquid eyes reflected liquid sky—
“What happened, O sky?”
“Am I dead?  when did I die?”
No, little skies—trusting, frightened skies,
you did not die—
you’re very much alive.
Bird’s music takes place of solemn
somehow this music is more hopeful.
Sleep is more peaceful,
stars are more beautiful
than diamonds and purest gold.
She sat up slowly,
and placed her back against a tree.
“How can this be?”
“What happened to me?”
You are free!  You are free!
Become who you were born to be!
Walnut leaves caress her soft hands,
so delicate, so beautiful—
they remind her of pages…
pages of a book—
was it not the Book of Life?
She breathes quickly at the remembrance,
beautiful words, sharper than swords—
sharper than the sword that pierced her.
With a cry of pain, she remembers now,
and goes to her side, a hand to her brow,
“what, O what shall I do now?”
Cast out from all she had known,
the harvest of foul seeds sown—
how sin looked like gold before!
“O, had I known what was in store!”
Yet as tears flow mingled down,
so descends peace, like a crown,
how so fast
does pain gasp, and drown?

Elizabeth Baillie

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My Rich Despair

My Rich Despair

Blue eyes, blue skirts,
scarlet skies, love hurts.
Dance away the pain,
fair one,
only your heart
is forever maimed.

Talk low, walk slow,
starry tear, always fear,
when did I hear of hope?
I mope
now dusk till dawn.
What is a song?

Gold dies, silver flies,
bronze nights, jeweled heights,
what's it worth to me?
I'll always be
a bird in a flowered cage.

Elizabeth Baillie

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This Midnight

 This Midnight
The dark and water meld
in cohesive air,
carried on a midnight breeze
give life to my lair,
as I sit in love, alone here,
not with a man—
but with the moon, stars, air,
of this midnight
in which I sit and could forever delight.

Elizabeth Baillie

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Waiting, waiting,
hope never abating.
Even still I wait
and hope.

Elizabeth Baillie

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The Raincoat

 The Raincoat
Liquid memories fall all around me,
that calming sound which soothes the soul;
the skies’ tears,
they wash away the dirt of earth
and mind,
and when I see them I soon find
I’m reminded of a tender picture—
taken not long ago;
not desecrated by paper common
or bright ink,
but in my mind
whilst I breathe
and think.
This memory is written in the rain.
It’s paths, indeed, are marred by pain,
but like the broken fragments
of the Oriental’s vase,
the pain serves not the memory to efface,
but to make it more lovely yet,
in this case.
There is a memory
(this one of which I speak)
which I often struggle to recall—
it is the face of a man…
and oft I cannot find what I seek.
But then I close my eyes and think
of a sandy raincoat, hanging long,
a voice upraised in holy song,
and peace, as pure as the day is long—
then I see his face.
I see it as he smiled,
a memory by fears undefiled;
I see him as I said farewell—
his eyes, his eyes…
and the raincoat bay.
I see him that way
to this day.

Elizabeth Baillie

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Rain Song

Rain Song
We fall—ever like tears we fall,
joyful in our weeping,
poignant in our steeping
of earth and life,
in liquid clear.
Downward tumbling, always near,
graceful in our stumbling, never fear—
we each fall at our appointed pace,
at last reaching
the chosen resting place.

Elizabeth Baillie

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Rainy Day Tears

Rainy Day Tears
Tears are falling from the sky
they reflect on my face;
brimming over blue,
not comforted by time or space.
All around me are clouds;
the light is not hidden,
but I can’t see the sun—
that day-star for my journey way.
The rains are mist,
the tears are kissed,
and sadness goes away—
but not to stay;
it lurks not far,
waiting for unsuspecting day.

Elizabeth Baillie

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Highland Angels

 Highland angels’ voices echo over the verdant hills,
Nightingales hail the moonlight in trills,
And I walk alone,
Yet surrounded by spirit’s light.
The Highland’s breathe soft sea foam,
The sky is her cathedral dome,
And I walk alone,
In pure Scottish night.
Waves of Highland descent,
Are on their mortal warfare bent,
And I walk alone,
Watching as they fight.
Moonlight shines all the purer on highland hills,
Aye, as starlight the air stills,
And I walk alone,
Reveling in my earthly throne.

Elizabeth Baillie

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