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I Need Your Suggestions!

Hello Everyone! Like I mentioned the other day, there are some changes coming up for The Nightingale in 2019! If you have a suggestion for new content, something you’d like to see, blog design, or anything else; I absolutely want to hear it! Be sure to let me know what it is in the comments, or in the contact form below. I can’t wait to hear what you all think!

In Christ Alone,

Elizabeth Baillie

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Emerald Waters: A Poem

Emerald Waters

The sun shines over emerald waters,

showing clearly their aqua depths,

the waves play upon the white shore,

giving thanks to God, who gives life and breath.


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Sounds of the Night: A Poem

Circle around moon

There’s a circle around the moon,

ice crystals float through the air,

the stars twinkle out from behind the scattered clouds,

the sounds of the evening are in my ears.

The frogs croak, the crickets chirp, a nightingale sings,

rain falls slowly, pit-pat-patter,

a gentle lullaby from the sky.

Now it comes in torrents,

the frogs sing for joy,

I love the sounds of the night.

As puddles form, the droplets splash,

all around me does thunder crash,

there’s a certain wonder, a certain fear,

whenever the lightening flash comes near.


The clouds have parted,

The sunlight shines eagerly through,

it reflects over the face of the waters,

It sparkles on the dew.

Slowly the clouds dissipate,

The sapphire sky shows his pleasant face,

The white birds look up and sing,

The green fields their glad voices ring.


The End of the Rain: A Poem

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The Sea Battle: A Poem

Up I blow, in I go,
I rule the seas with my bulk,
on my sides I bear many scars;
painful trophies of battle won,
I defend my own.
Deep, deep I dive down fast,
jaws snap, tail thrash,
I meet my life-long foe,
the giant squid of great renown,
his tentacles are his crown and pride.
He whips, I snap,
claw tears, eye flairs,
tail beats, eyes meet.
Our battles are rare,
witness if you dare,
each other’s flesh we pierce.