a poem about the Christians who died in Nero’s bloody games

The Albino Cow of 1916

a comical poem about a cow

Pondering by Fog

the thought process of a man turning to Christ


a reflection on Christian love


a reflection on patience


a reflection on truth-telling

The Giant Squid

a little poem about a monstrous creature of the deep

A Conversation with a Cat

another comical poem, this time about a cat!

17 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. I read all of these poems and they are some the best I’ve ever read.
    My favorite is “the precious”. I love the lord of the rings, I’ve only read little bit of the books but I watched the movies, and I also read these poems made from the books.

    I think these are great poems and other people would love them.

    Liked by 3 people

        1. I kind of have books on here now! They are just pdf’s, but they’re a little closer to books. If I ever publish any of my poetry, though, I’ll be sure to send you a copy! 😀


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