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Happy Fall Y’all!! {psst! we did a Fall photoshoot!}

YAY I’M SO EXCITED THAT FALL IS HERE!!! Seriously– I love Autumn with a passion. It makes me so happy. So, to celebrate– here’s some Fall photography from around my grandmother’s house, plus a fun photoshoot that my sister and I did this past Sunday. Enjoy!

Are you excited that Fall is here? Which is your favorite photo?

Till next time!


Looking for some more Fall vibes? Check out my new Autumn Aesthetic Pinterest board!

Also be sure and check out the Autumn 2020 page! New Autumn photography from this year will be put on this new photography page.

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Music Monday AGAIN!! // O mio babbino caro // *with video*

I FINALLY GOT IT UPLOADED!  Like I mentioned in today’s first music Monday post, I’ve been trying upload this video to my blog all day, but I was continually prevented by my obnoxiously slow internet. But here at last, is my ‘O mio babbino caro’ cover! This is the first video cover I’ve ever done on my blog,  so I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!  Do bear in mind though– I stupidly did not warm up before making this video, and also its not the best audio. (#musicianexcuses 😜).

So without further ado– here ’tis!!

Did you enjoy it? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!

Till next time!


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Join Me for the Art of Letter Writing and Stationery Workshop!

I am so excited to announce that I will be teaching a letter-writing and stationery making workshop on September 4th, hosted by Christian Fine Arts of Forsyth, in Cumming Georgia! At this workshop we’re going to dive into all sorts of snail mail awesomeness, including:

• The history of letter writing, stamps, and envelopes

• Tips on how to write a good letter every time

• How to make your own stationery and envelopes

• The etiquette of letter writing

• How to determine the number of stamps to use, with or without a postage scale

•  Practice your penmanship and learn a few hand-lettering skills

• Different creative ways your can address your envelope

And so much more!

This workshop is open to all ages, and it’s only $25 per person! Check out the video below for all the details, plus find out about the very special people we’ll be sending our letters to!

If you’re interested or want to sign up, email me at, or message me on my contact page. I’d be so happy if you joined us!

Please be sure to tell any of your friends that you think would be interested– the more the merrier!

Happy Snail Mailing!


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Music Monday // Duet No. 2 for Violin & Flute PERFORMED!

Hi everyone! Remember the piece of music that I composed and posted, last Monday? Well guess what?! The wonderful twins, Sammi and Alex, who I wrote the piece for, made a video of them playing it, and sent it to me!! I absolutely could not resist sharing it with you lovely peeples, so– here it is!

Give Sammi and Alex a round of applause in the comments! Aren’t they awesome?!

Till next time!


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Support ya gurl! // Follow my New Stationery Co. Blog! :D

Hellos! (have you ever noticed how many super weird ways to say ‘hello’ there are??)

I’ve had a website/blog for my new stationery company (The Nightingale Stationery Co.) for about a month now, but I keep forgetting to “make it official” on this blog! My apologies! So– without further ado…

It would make my day if you followed my other blog, on The Nightingale Stationery Co. website, and you can find it here!

On the new blog, I share stationery and letter writing inspiration, sale alerts, new arrival introductions, and lots of other fun stuff!

I’d also really love it if you told me what you think of The Nightingale Stationery Co.‘s website design, product designs, etc.!

I hope you all are doing well! Sorry my posts keep being pitifully short… Don’t worry! The long interesting posts will be back soon! (hopefully)

Till next time!


P.S. There’s something exciting coming on Music Monday!!

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·The Moon and Henrietta·

Hello awesome person reading this post! How have you been doing?

Today I’m going to share what’s been making me smile for the past several weeks– my kittens! I’m sure most of you remember that our cat David had kittens a couple months ago. Well, the kitties are all grown up now, and two of them moved to a new home several weeks ago (Harry and Barry). The other two, The Moon and Henrietta, we got to keep! (Yay!🥳) The Moon is actually mine– my first “real” pet that’s all my own! Henrietta is sorta everyone’s, but she’s my mom’s especial favourite so she’s kinda my mom’s cat, haha. Anyway, they are both adorable, and I really hope you enjoy these pictures!😻🐈

Sleeping siblings.
Henrietta, wondering why I’m disturbing her beauty sleep to take her picture.
The Moon’s adorable paws! 😻
Overload of kitty cuteness!
Doesn’t he look like a teddy bear?!
Henrietta is nicknamed The Princess– for good reason! Isn’t she pretty?
The Moon, enjoying life as a flower.
Sleepy siblings again.
Couldn’t resist including this picture… He got a little stuck in the mesh pocket on the side of the playpen! 😂😂

I just realized that most of these photos are of them sleeping, lol! They do sleep a lot, being growing kittenkins.😜 Plus they’re easier to take pictures of when they are asleep and being still!

What do you think of my kitties? Do you have any cats? What are their names?

Till next time!


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Music Monday // Duet No. 2 for Violin and Flute

Hi everyone!

I’m so sorry I missed Music Monday last week! Things have seriously been so crazy, and I just didn’t get the time last week no matter how hard I tried. *sigh* But this week I have something special for you! This piece is one of my own compositions, and I wrote it for a couple of wonderful new friends of mine– Sammi and Alex, who are amazingly talented violin and flute playing twins! This piece is a duet for violin and flute, and though I do not think it is perfect yet, I think it has good bones. Even though it’s a weird piece. All my pieces are kinda weird though. What is with that??

So without further ado– here is Duet No. 2 for Violin & Flute! PLEASE tell me what you think after you listen to it– your feedback seriously makes my day!

What do you think? Do you play violin or flute? Is there anything that obviously needs to be fixed with this piece?

‘Till next time!